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Wharfe Valley Oils was created by the Kilby family, third generation farmers, back in 2006 at their farm in the Wharfe Valley. They were Yorkshire’s first rapeseed oil producer and the third nationally. For many years they grew, pressed and bottled award winning extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil that have been enjoyed by customers all across the country.

Today, Wharfe Valley Rapeseed continues to produce oils that are enjoyed by celebrity chefs, foodies and nutritionists who value its heart healthy, delicious taste and great cooking performance.

It is brimming with health benefits including:

  • Up to 50% less saturated fat than olive oil

  • Less monosaturated fat than olive oil, but a bigger proportion of polyunsaturated fat

  • High in vitamin E and many other beneficial nutrients

  • Extra Virgin and cold pressed only once with nothing added in and nothing taken away

  • High in vitamin E and many other beneficial nutrients

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If it’s real Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil you’re looking for then you need to turn your attentions to Wharfe Valley.

Once you buy one bottle, imported olive oil will never bless the shelves of your kitchen ever again!!

Chris Blackburn, Yorkshire Pudd, Food Blogger

Purchased the usual favourite, Rhubarb, and also took a Blackberry Vinegar to try.

I use the vinegars to make salad dressings, dips with bread or even just a spoonful of it as a treat. Delicious!!

Carol Feather, 25/05/21

Worth the money, you can tell they’re very good quality!

I just adore this rapeseed oil. I’ve tasted them all, and this is my favourite. I use it in my cooking all the time. So healthy, so delicious and so English.

Lotte Duncan, Broadcaster & Cooking Demonstrator, 19/08/21

Good evening, Mrs. Heyes
Your complimentary bottle of rapeseed oil arrived splendidly packed and the screw top is perfect this time, thank you very much..

Your service has been very impressive, considering I only rang to help, not to complain. Excellent customer relations and example to all.

Rachel Connolly, 08/09/21

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